How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make

Image of 2 person having agreement with keys and money

You’ve just sold your house. You take a look at the closing statement that itemizes all of the money that’s changing hands, and you can’t help focusing on one number: realtor commissions. “I have to pay her $10,000 (or $20,000, or $30,000) out of my profit? Damn! How much does she make in a year, … Read more

HomeVestors Reviews: They Buy Ugly Houses. Should You Trust Them?

Image of people looking at house under construction

Even if you’ve been searching for a reputable company to purchase your home for quick cash, you’ve probably never heard of HomeVestors. How can that be, if they’re supposedly the #1 cash buyer for real estate in America? (That’s according to the company’s own numbers; there’s no authoritative data to substantiate the claim.) It’s simple, … Read more

Door Real Estate Review: A Shining Star That’s Lost Some Luster

Image of opendoor sign in front of house

In the early days of the Internet, companies went crazy trying to register memorable domain names that reflected their business. Most great domains have long since been taken, so companies have to spend big bucks buying the “perfect” domain from whoever already owns it. For example, a Texas-based discount real estate broker probably spent a … Read more

Clear To Close: Good News, But You Can’t Move Into Your House Just Yet

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Most of us have been there. You’re settled into your seat, eagerly anticipating takeoff for a long-delayed and badly-needed vacation. You get a big smile on your face as the flight attendant announces “The pilot tells me we’ve been cleared for takeoff.” And then the plane just sits there, for what seems like days. The … Read more

Cheapest Places To Live In Colorado: Outdoor Living On A Budget

A sight of roads and mountains of Colorado

Rich people love vacationing in Colorado. And why wouldn’t they? There’s the skiing, fabulous scenery, and incredible dining and upscale shopping in Aspen and Vail. There’s skiing, fabulous scenery, and a terrific “hippie” vibe in Telluride. There’s the skiing and fabulous summer scenery in Crested Butte, known as the wildflower capital of the state. Oh, … Read more

Cheapest Places To Live In California: Yes, They Really Exist

High view of Los Angeles, California

Swimming pools, movie stars. It wasn’t just the Beverly Hillbillies who thought about sun, glitz, and glamour when they moved to California. Nearly five million people moved to the Golden State during the 2010s. And while some undoubtedly moved there for family or job reasons, there’s no question that many decided to go West for … Read more

Buyer’s Agent vs. Seller’s Agent: What’s The Difference?

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When you’re searching for a real estate agent, you won’t find anyone advertising themselves as a “buyer’s agent” or a “seller’s agent.” They’re simply “real estate agents.” (About half of American agents call themselves “realtors,” which simply means that they belong to the National Association of Realtors and subscribe to that organization’s code of ethics. … Read more

What Is Considered A Mansion? It Depends Who You Ask

A big house or a small mansion

True story. My rather-large family grew up in a cramped 1,000 foot ranch. One day, I went to visit a new friend from elementary school, whose father was a prestigious doctor – and I couldn’t believe where he lived. When I got home I breathlessly told my parents, “He lives in a mansion! It’s incredible!” … Read more