Tips To Sell Your Home: 8 Secrets To A Quick, Profitable Sale

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You start to feel the butterflies in your stomach as soon as you make the decision. You’re going to sell your house. Sure, it will be stressful to leave the place you’ve called home for so long. It will be stressful to look for a new house, to plan the move, to settle in somewhere … Read more

Title 5 Inspections: What Are They, And When Are They Necessary?

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There are all sorts of inspections and forms that home buyers and sellers have to deal with. There are obvious ones. They include home inspections conducted during the contingency period, and the termite inspection that mortgage lenders require before writing a home loan. There are ones that realtors usually handle for their clients. For example, … Read more

Transaction Brokers: What Are They, Who Should Use One?

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When you’re selling a house, the thought is always in the back of your mind: there must be a way to avoid paying big realtor commissions. Some sellers try to sell their own home through a FSBO, or “For Sale By Owner.” If you can find a buyer and close the transaction without using a … Read more

What Is A Transaction Coordinator? Do I Need One To Sell My House?

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It can be really annoying. You chose your doctor or lawyer because of their qualifications and credentials. Everything went find during your initial visit. Now, every time you try to reach them, their assistant calls you back. Sure, she’s very professional, and a very nice person. But you didn’t choose her. You chose the doctor … Read more

The Biggest Real Estate Companies In America

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In almost every industry, the big guys are pushing the little guys out of business. That’s a shame for the mom-and-pop stores that used to populate thriving Main Streets in every city and town, and for all the folks who run small, family-owned businesses. Generally speaking, it’s also had a huge, negative effect on customer … Read more

Selling A House Due To Divorce: What You Need To Know

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Mental health experts often compile lists that rank life’s most stressful events. Those lists are never quite the same, but one life event is always in the top three: divorce. Another one often cracks the top ten: moving. Combine the two, and you have a prescription for disaster – particularly when a house is involved. … Read more

Steps To Buying A House: Your Checklist For Success

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When you’re a kid and trying to learn how to ride a bike, it can seem overwhelming – until you figure it out. Then, it’s no big deal. When you’re a teenager and trying to learn how to drive a car, it can seem overwhelming – until you figure it out. Then, it’s no big … Read more

Selling Your Home To An Investor: What You Need To Know

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Someone wants to buy your house. They’ll pay cash. They’ll take the home as-is, without any repairs. They’re ready to close almost immediately. What could go wrong? A growing number of individual and corporate home investors are ready and willing to purchase houses in just about any condition, offering immediate cash. Some want to fix … Read more

How To Get Your Home Ready To Sell: 8 Crucial Steps

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Before you get ready to sell your house, think back to when you bought it. More specifically, think back to when you were house hunting. If you’re like most people, you visited lots of homes. You probably walked into some of them and immediately thought “Eww, this one is off the list” or “Ugh, no … Read more