What Does “Contingent” Mean In Real Estate Listings?

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Even if you aren’t in the market for a new house, you’ve probably noticed the progression of signs that appear in front of neighborhood homes for sale. First, there’s just a “For Sale” sign, with an agent’s name and phone number. Next, smaller placards saying “Open House!” or “Price Reduced!” may be added on the … Read more

Companies That Buy Houses For Cash: Do They Treat You Fairly?

Anyone who’s seriously thought about selling their home is certainly aware of the latest “innovation” in the real estate industry: companies that buy houses for cash. You see ads for so-called iBuyer services when you visit an online real estate marketplace like Zillow, which pushes its “Zillow Offers” service. The same happens if you visit … Read more

Changing Your Real Estate Agent: How To Know It’s Time, How To Do It

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Few people try selling their own homes. Even fewer sell their own home successfully. The reason is obvious: it takes a great deal of expertise to survive in a competitive business like real estate. It takes even more expertise to succeed. In a red-hot market, some intelligent people may be able to figure things out … Read more

Best Home Value Estimator Websites

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How much is your house worth? You probably remember what you paid for it – and how much you have left to pay on your mortgage. And you’re likely to know what similar houses in your neighborhood have sold for in the last year or so. Many times, though, that’s not good enough: If you’re … Read more

What Is Active Option Contract?

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After you’ve bought and sold a house or two, there’s little mystery left to the real estate terms your agent starts throwing around. You know the difference between active, contingent and pending listings. You know the ins and outs of earnest money, and when you can get it back. (Or at least, when you can … Read more

Best For Sale By Owner Websites (FSBO)

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If you’ve ever sold your home through an agent, it’s a pretty good bet that you’ve had this thought at least once: “I should have done this on my own. I would have saved a ton of money on the commission.” Of course, there’s no way to know whether you would have had much luck. … Read more