Selling A House In Poor Condition: Are You Going To Lose A Fortune?

It’s human nature to try to find the best possible deal. When we’re buying something, our impulses are to comparison shop, to search for the lowest price – and if possible, negotiate. When we’re selling something, our impulses are to charge the highest price possible, to create a bidding war – and if necessary, negotiate. … Read more

How Long Does A Home Appraisal Take?

Changing the compressor in a refrigerator takes about an hour. But when your refrigerator dies, that doesn’t mean the compressor can quickly be swapped out before all of the stuff in your freezer defrosts and has to be thrown out. You have to find a repair service and schedule the work. Maybe you have to … Read more

The St. Joseph Prayer To Help You Sell Your House

You’ve fixed up your house. You’ve had your HVAC system serviced, and even repaired the intermittent faucet leak that a prospective buyer would probably never see. You’ve painted the walls, waxed the floors and trimmed the bushes. You’ve even scrubbed the grout in the bathroom. You’ve strategically placed air fresheners and sachets filled with potpourri … Read more

“We Buy Houses” Ripoffs: More Common Than You’d Think

You see the signs everywhere. They’re posted on utility poles, and stuck in the grass at every major intersection. You can’t drive to work, or to the store, without seeing at least a few of them. “We Buy Houses For Cash!” If you have no interest in selling your house, you probably drive right by … Read more

We Buy Ugly Houses: Reviews And What To Expect

It’s always a pleasant surprise when a business is completely upfront with its ads and marketing slogans. Honesty in advertising usually means that you don’t have to waste time figuring out exactly what the business does, or what market its products are aimed at. “We Buy Ugly Houses” immediately comes to mind. You’ve probably seen … Read more

Ideal Agent Review: Pros And Cons Of This Realtor Referral Service

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Opendoor Review: Pros And Cons Of This iBuyer Service

Selling a home can be one of the most stressful experiences a human can experience. We’re not even talking about the emotions you might experience when selling a house that you may have lived in for years; a house where you may have raised your children or celebrated joyous family events; a house you may … Read more

Redfin Review: Pros and Cons Of This Discount Real Estate Broker

Companies trying to dominate in major industries are always searching for a new approach that will catch on nationwide. Progressive and GEICO pioneered the direct online purchase of car insurance. LegalZoom demystified legal documents and made them accessible to consumers. And Redfin has made its mark as North America’s leading discount real estate broker. Redfin … Read more

HomeLight Review: Pros And Cons Of This Realtor Referral Service

When you decide to sell your home – or at least, if you’re thinking seriously about selling – one of the first things you have to do is find a real estate agent you can trust. If you’ve used a great realtor in the past, or have a relative or friend who’s recently sold their … Read more

What Hurts A Home Appraisal? Most Common Factors

One nerve-wracking aspect of selling your home is waiting for the results of the home inspection. And it can be traumatic when you’ve accepted a terrific offer from a prospective buyer, but their inspector comes back with a lengthy list of problems and necessary repairs. Either it’s going to cost you a bundle to make … Read more