I Sold My House Review: A Helping Hand For FSBO Sellers

A man holding a key for a house he sold.

People who decide to sell their own home as an FSBO (For Sale By Owner) face a lot of obstacles. Sure, if they’re able to pull it off, they’ll be saving the 2½-3% realtor’s fee. But that means doing everything else themselves with no help – from determining the right selling price and staging their … Read more

Off Market Houses: How Do You Find Them? Are They Good Deals?

A beautiful house found off market

You’re in the market for a new home, and you’re surfing the listings on Zillow or Redfin. There’s an attractive house listed – but it says “off-market.” You shrug and move on. Then you talk to your realtor, who says “I’ve just heard about an off-market home that you might really love.” Buyers and sellers … Read more

Offerpad vs. Opendoor: Comparing Two Of The Biggest iBuyers

A real estate broker holding a paper house and two bags of US dollars

Every homeowner who’s thought about selling their house imagines this dream scenario. Your home goes on the market with a high listing price. Within a few days, would-be buyers flock to open houses or take individual tours. Almost immediately, the offers start flooding in – you have a bidding war, and all of the offers … Read more

Orchard Review: An Interesting, Complicated Way To Sell A House

A man putting up a sale signboard in front of his house.

There’s been a revolution in the real estate industry in recent years. It’s been led by a group of tech innovators. They’ve combined computer algorithms and the power of the Internet, to offer new options to those buying and selling houses. Many of those options benefit homeowners, who can now choose from a number of … Read more

Ownerly Review: Another Tool Displaying How Much A Home Is Worth

A money house model with miniature cars in a village scenery.

In the “new world” of residential real estate, Zillow has become a behemoth. It’s the most popular online real estate site in America, with approximately 36 million unique visitors every month. Those searching for a new house (or dreaming of one) love how easy it is to peruse the site’s listings of homes for sale. … Read more

Pending vs. Contingent: Is The House Still For Sale, Or Not?

A modern house for sale

When you’re trying to sell your house, almost everything about the process is either frustrating or confusing. Here are just a few examples. Frustrating: Every stage of the process seems to take forever. People keep touring your house without making offers. When you finally get offers, there’s a good chance they’ll be way too low. … Read more

Landis Review: A New Rent-To-Own Program Joins The Crowd

Image of an open door to a house with key on it showing rent to own concept

Nothing symbolizes the American dream more than home ownership. But these days, buying your own home is more difficult than it’s been in generations. House prices have increased by 30 percent just since the year 2000. And over the last fifty years the average price of a home, adjusted for inflation, has more than doubled. … Read more

How To Avoid Capital Gains Tax When Selling Your Home

Capital gains tax paperworks on a table.

Few feelings are better than selling the house you’ve owned for a long time – for hundreds of thousands of dollars more than you paid for it. With the way that real estate prices soared during the pandemic, some people who live in superheated markets like Southern California or Long Island might even make more … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Build A House? Breaking It All Down

A house with a some dollar money showing cost of building a house

No two houses are exactly the same. Even if they’re “cookie cutter” homes built by the same company in a new development, there are always small differences. Their foundations might be slightly different because of the pitch of the land, the workers may have done a slightly better job on one house than the one … Read more